About Me

The Real Beloved DollI have always wanted to be able to take my artistic works out into the world and go big time with it. But for the longest time, I always believed that starting a business was near impossible. In the last couple of years, I finally decided to go for it anyway. Now, Beloved Doll Designs is up and running!

With a very active imagination, many stories have been written over the years and will soon be ready. Various art pieces and characters are in the process of getting copyrighted. I’m learning various techniques and learning how to make all sorts of new things. Each day I become more excited at what I have accomplished and how far I’ve come.

Knitting was something that I learned from both of my grandmothers teaching me when I was in elementary school. After their passing, I stopped knitting for many years. Then in August of 2012, I walked into a craft store for the first time in years out of curiosity and my feet took me to the yarn section. I saw the knitting needles and was instantly reminded of my grandmothers. Upon exiting the store after making a purchase, I had a set of knitting needles and some yarn. Not only did I amaze myself at how I still remembered how to knit, but also found myself enjoying it even more than what I did as a kid. The rest, they say, is history.

Illustrations and story writing go hand in hand together with their history with me. Pretty much both got started at the same time. At first they were just fun past times that my cousin and I would do to entertain ourselves. When the internet got introduced to my life in 1994 or 1995, I saw other artists sharing their work. I started taking the two mediums more seriously and wanted to improve my skills. Finally, in 1997 I was able to start putting them online for others to see. The first place the works appeared in was my own website I programmed myself after learning HTML in 1996.

One of our beehives named BeeopatraBeekeeping is a recent development. My boyfriend was heavily inspired by his grandfather who was a beekeeper for many years. So, he wanted to follow his grandfather’s path and started talking to me about beekeeping. At first, I was scared. Like most people, my knowledge on bees was limited to the stereotype that all they want to do is sting people. Boyfriend collected books, magazines, DVDs…I learned a lot through him and saw honey bees in a new light, even learning that the honey bees were in danger. It wasn’t long before we found someone to partner with who was more experienced and was willing to give us some hands on experience in 2012. He had four bee hives on his farm and soon we acquired two hives in our back yard. Now in 2013, we are able to supply 100% organic honey that is GMO free and we’re beginning to experiment with candle making using the beeswax from the hives.

If you’re interested in checking out the bee hives to see where our honey comes from and following our little adventure with the honey bees, I have a section of my blog dedicated to our beekeeping. Check it out!