To Doll or Not to Doll?

Secret Trance was a previous venture I had started up and ran for quite some years before starting Beloved Doll Designs. Recently, I have been thinking about it more and wanting to revive it once time allows.

In the meantime, there are aspects of it that I would like to migrate over here to Beloved Doll Designs as they involve the characters and worlds from the anime / manga that we will have here. One of them is the Doll system, where you buy clothes and other items for your avatar to dress up and represent as you. It gives users a custom experience and a chance to express themselves. To acquire the items, you will use virtual currency.

I believe I can integrate it with our current system so that when you are on the Beloved Doll Designs website, you will not need to create another account for this Doll system. Hopefully it will work out that way. There are lots of ideas and lots of changes to be made to the original system before it can go live.

But, what do you guys think? Should I import he system over here to Beloved Doll Designs or leave it with Secret Trance? Leave a comment below or on our facebook page what you think about this.