What Do You With All Those Buttons? Hang Them!

Beloved Doll's personal pin-back button collection as of November 2013

Beloved Doll’s personal pin-back button collection
as of November 2013. Click for full view.

I started taking photos of my own button collection, wanting to show off what I had seeing as how I assemble buttons now. But then I realized how much larger my boyfriend’s button collection was. It totally dwarfed my collection. I’ll have to do something about that in the near future.

Since his collection was much bigger, I took a photo of one section of it and an idea came to me. While some collectors have ways of using the button as decorative pieces, what else can be done with them? Sure, you could do all the conventional ways of pinning them to your clothes, back packs and messenger bags, purse straps, hats…

And if you’re someone who doesn’t want to put holes in all those things?

A piece of Esuna's pin-back button collection

A piece of Esuna’s pin-back button collection.
Click for full view.

Why not make them into a decorative wall piece?

This is precisely what my boyfriend did with part of his button collection. Take a look!

You can make one of these yourself to use for posting your buttons on the wall. Either use a board of some sort or, as I would do, a sheet of plastic canvas, and attach a sheet of curdory fabric. I recommend curdory because it’s pretty strong and also easy to find at fabric stores. Then on the back, attach a string (either a fishing line or floss string from the craft store) so that you can hang it up on the wall.

There you have it! An easy way to make your button collection easily visible!

Yarn Dye Will Vary

I figured I should make a post that dedicated to this one subject matter in particular: yarn dye will vary.

What does this mean?

If you are looking for a particular shade of a colour, or in the case of ombres a pattern, at first glance when you are looking at the skeins, they look like they would be the same. So you purchase your rolls and you go back home and proceed with making your project. The project requires a few skeins of the same colour. When you finish, or before then, you start to notice that the result of one skein is different from the other.

You double check the labels and make sure you got the same manufacturer, same line, same colour, same bar code. What the heck happened?

It’s the nature of this industry. I will show an example:

Two hand knitted rainbow blankets compared side by side. - Beloved Doll Designs

Two hand knitted rainbow blankets compared side by side.

These are two baby blankets that I knitted. I used the exact same yarn manufacturer, same line, same material, same colour and same bar codes. They were also the same size (2feet by 3feet) and I used the same size knitting needles for both pieces. Yet, they came out quite different. The one on the bottom looks way brighter than the one on top.

This is why with ombres and other types of mixed colour yarn items, the actual pattern cannot be guaranteed. It is impossible to know ahead of time what the results are going to be.