Art Commissions

00765_public Every day, people are commissioning original art to use as home decor, gifts, avatars, and more. I specialize in anime, animals, furry and fantasy art in digital format (sketches are available).

Here’s a list of things I will NOT DRAW:

  • Fetish art, pornography and hentai
  • Dragons (mainly because I’m still developing in this area and I don’t feel my skills are good enough yet)

I reserve the right to refuse your request for any reason, as well as the right to withhold that reason from you.

Payment method I accept is PayPal. Please know that you do not specifically need a PayPal account to pay. PayPal is simply the gateway for credit card payments. For details and help on how PayPal works, please click here.

00763_publicContact me if you are interested in hiring me for art commissions. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Your name and/or company name
  • Email address
  • Deadline date
  • A brief description of your desired commission
  • Any references you have
  • Do you want a print mailed to you (please note prints come with an extra fee for the print and also shipping cost in addition to the commission fee)
  • Comments, questions, or anything else

Leafeon parents with their baby Eevee in the forest with a little streamAll my artwork come in 200 DPI quality. If you need higher, let me know ahead of time. A sketch will be sent to you for review. Upon approval, digitizing of the work will begin. You will be given a preview of the digital work. Upon approval of that, I will send you the final version (at highest quality) or mail you the print if you have requested for it.

Barring industry work, my commission prices do not include the rights to the artwork. The finished artwork is for you and you only. This means making wallpapers, icons, avatars, web graphics, etc. This does not mean you can print, sell, resell, or make money off it in any way. As the artist, I still hold rights to the image. I reserve the right to post your commission in any of my online art galleries. Credit will be given to you for the character design if it is yours. If you want to post the image online, I request some form of credit for creating the artwork. If you would like to own the rights to the artwork (such as if you’re a company wanting to subcontract an artist for your company to use), let me ahead of time so that this can be worked out.

First Time Hiring an Artist for a Commission?

If this is your first time hiring an artist for art commissions, or even if you have done so a few times in the past, ArynChris has written a detailed guide from beginning to end in this matter. Click here to read ArynChris’ guide “How to Commission an Artist.”

It covers every aspect in detail and is a very helpful guide for clients. There is nothing more that I could add to his guide so I have provided a link to it. Even if you have hired a few artists in the past, you may find new information that you hadn’t known before.